Ever heard of Dr. Benjamin Carson?  If not, you will, although the calls for this man to run for political office are a bit premature.   The big buzz behind this man is a speech he gave at the National Prayer Breakfast and what makes this particular speech so "controversial" is that he is appearing to lecture President Obama who is sitting right next to him.  Supposedly the content of the speech was too political for the venue.

The Left is absolutely frazzled by this and called the speech shocking.   
The Right believes they found their next presidential candidate.

As always, both are wrong.  

Firstly, there is nothing shocking about anything this man said.  Supposedly it is offensive to the President, but Carson does not once call out any particular or specific policy.  He simply talked about the deficit, education, tax policy and health care.  He provided some suggestions and genuinely hoped that the two political sides in America can come together and solve the country's biggest problems. 

Unfortunately, another deeply religious man who is recycling old Republican concepts of HSAs and flat taxation is nothing unusual.  In fact other than his skin color, he is no different than Huckabee.  

However the speech was funny, moving - as he talked about his impoverished childhood and full of well laid out logical points.  If he gets involved in politics, we will be better for it, but the emotional reaction that is coming from the Right is silly and premature.   If he does not, then he is already an extremely accomplished individual.  Not only does he already have a movie based on his accomplishments, but his work with scholarships and promotion of education in America are aready massive accomplishments in their own right.

Below is the speech in its entirety.  Enjoy. 

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