Why Anthony Weiner is actually a huge Dick.

Posted by Arkady K. On 7/31/2010

uess what is the hottest topic on the blogosphere now?  Our dismal GDP growth?  Nope!   Our president making a mockery of the office?  Nope!  Chevrolet releasing a car that will take 20 years of driving to equal the purchase of a civic?  Nope!  New York Congressman Anthony Weiner flipping out on the House floor rivaling antics seen on the WWF.  The video:


Weiner is upset because a bill designed to aid individuals suffering from the 9/11 attacks failed on partisan lines.  One can easily be sympathetic to all the passion and vitriol stemming from this compassionate soul, but one can just as easily ask what is the real motivation here.  After all, why would anyone block aid to 9/11 victims?   We as Americans, even the most financially prudent ones will gladly have our tax money used to help anyone affected by that tragedy. 

The answer is buried in the machinations of the House proceedings.  You see, believe it or not, Democrats crafting the bill failed to write up even the most rudimentary checks and balances to avoid fraud and exploitation of the money.  This bill is poised to spend over 7 billion dollars, a rather hefty sum and some fraud prevention seems like a no-brainer.  Well, the GOP attempting to look just a bit useful these days and clamoring to their base recognized that at least an amendment to stop illegal immigrants from spending this money would be a good idea.  Despite all the GOP's shortcomings, many of us would agree, aid money designed for WTC victims belong to Americans and not temporary parasites looking for work.  Yet Democrats refused to vote on this amendment and instead invoked a special procedure to block ALL amendments.  They figured that the best way to avoid accountability on difficult issues, is to just simply not address them at all.  Brilliant.

As New York Times reports this decision to avoid amendments has a drawback.  It requires a two thirds majority instead of a simply majority to pass.  So now the Republicans who wanted to add a few provisions were politely told to go pound sand, but before pounding sand to vote on the bill in silence with no objections.  A truly brazen display of majority power. In the end, the bill fails and people deserving of aid are left stranded.  Anthony Weiner is now a hero among clueless liberals, observe YouTube comment section in case you do not believe me, utilizing voter ignorance for his own advantage and political advancement.  A truly embarrassing situation for not just Congress, but America. 
"It is no crime to be ignorant of economics, which is, after all, a specialized discipline and one that most people consider to be a ‘dismal science.’ But it is totally irresponsible to have a loud and vociferous opinion on economic subjects while remaining in this state of ignorance.” - M. Rothbard