What is wrong with this country?

Posted by Arkady K. On 10/24/2008

I was browsing the latest IBD poll and it finally struck me. I had this idea brewing for the past few weeks now and this particular poll hit a nerve.

What jumped out was the age group and who they are likely voting for.

Obama / McCain
18-24: 74% 21%

The rest of the age groups are more or less even with ages 65+ leaning more for McCain. Those folks should probably avoid leaning - hazardous to their health.

Now, if you are a member of this group and are part of the 74% you are probably feeling good about yourself. If you are in the 21% then you are probably used to feeling desperate and angry that your peers ostracize you as if you were the next coming of the bubonic plague.

But this number is very telling. Showing to us that a large group of freshly minted liberals, on average still in college, is in a very good position to influence these elections. Enthralled by the concept of "what they want the world to be" and their utopian ideals they hammer their message to anyone willing (or not willing) to listen. Credit can be given to the universities of America that are now optimized and streamlined for maximum liberal output. Moreover, due to the significant increase in communication capabilities these freshly minted liberal robots tend to move in large buzzing crowds feeding off each other. Just like succumbing to smoking out of peer pressure, the current cool thing to do is to vote for change. Almost forgot, hope too.

This group also happens to be the least experienced, they have simply put - lived less than any other voting group. Their knowledge of the world comes from what they have read and studied, certainly important, but unfortunately does not provide the kind of education one needs to make an informed decision. The issues that are most vital to this group are typically fairness and equality. They are emotionally captivated by the issues that plague our society and are determined to fix them at whatever cost. To them history and failure of liberal policies is not a fact or reality, because it conflicts with what they see as a broken system.

Lastly, this group happens to have a common trait. A feeling that they are not understood, they have a remarkable ego and self-esteem that can only be found among 18-21 years olds - a sense that they have finally grown up and grasped the issues of life. They are fierce in defending their beliefs, which are often just bits and scraps of truth chewed up and shoved down their throats for easy digestion. Akin to baby birds crying in a nest waiting for their mother to feed them. But unlike helpless birds these individuals are physically capable and emotionally powerful. A mere suggestion that perhaps they do not understand is often met with stiff resistance and anger. Often a retort of the same "no, you DO NOT understand".

Luckily under normal circumstances due to whatever magical reason, they do not show up where it most counts. Despite the efforts of pop stars and politicians relying on their support - their vote is silent.

Not this time. This year, we have a candidate whose policies and style appeal not only to Hamas and dictators, but also to this disenfranchised group. Mr. Obama has done everything in his power from facebook-like networks, video games and ACORN to physically shove these people into the voting booth.

Which begs the question. Why should anyone vote for a man, whose largest support base happens to be the least experienced, most idealistic and most liberal? If you can't see your foreign policies and taxation being handled by 21 year olds, why vote for a man who resonates with them so very loudly?

This is what is wrong with this country.

11 Response to 'What is wrong with this country?'

  1. NM Knitter Said,

    Maybe they want to go to his indoctrination camps and march to his music and serve just him. They have not grown up enough to realize what this man is, and because of it, their vote will affect everyone, for better or more than likely worse. They think that someone like this will give them everything they need and they won't have to provide for themselves, not realizing they are giving up their freedoms in the process. It is truly a sad state.

  2. Anonymous Said,

    The post Carter generation. Not alive when Carter nearly destroyed the country in one term.

  3. The strange thing is that many of the things they think Obama will do are the opposit of what he is planning. Many think he will end the war yet he has said he wants to send more troops to Afghanistan and even send the army into Pakastan.

    I guess that is what happens when you world veiw is formed by 30 second news segments, and instuctors that could never make it doing anything in the real world.

  4. Sarim Said,

    Wow, waited so long to write to this article. First of all, I really enjoyed reading this article, it is really a well build dystopia and very similar to Thomas Hobbes thinking. I believe that for many people the biggest flaw of the democracy is the fact that everybody has equal vote. I mean how these people (described in your article) can have same vote with a person like you or with more experienced people. In developing countries there is a very similar argument; they say that uneducated people should not have the same voting power with educated people since uneducated people has tendency to make wrong political decisions. This argument leads to one major question; “Do you believe in democracy?” I believe that you should first ask this question to yourself before judging political choice of other people.

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